5 Key Criteria for TSC’s Quick Teacher Transfer Approvals

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) considers several important factors before approving a teacher’s transfer request.

These factors are crucial in maintaining a balanced distribution of teachers across various sub-counties, particularly for those who have been delocalized.

1. Age of the Teacher

Previously, teachers aged 56 and above were not eligible for transfer from their current workstations.

However, following recent changes in TSC’s delocalization policy, transfer requests from teachers aged 50 and above are now approved immediately.

Many school heads who were transferred out of their counties since 2018 fall within this age bracket.

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2. Health Status of the Teacher

Teachers with terminal illnesses receive prompt approval for transfers. The TSC prioritizes transfers for teachers with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

These teachers must submit medical documents, evidence of accessibility to appropriate medical facilities, and other necessary requirements.

3. Teachers with Disabilities

Teachers with necessary certification for disabilities, who were previously exempted from transfers outside their sub-county, are now given top consideration for their transfer requests.

4. Family Considerations for the Teacher

Family considerations have become a key factor in rerouting delocalized teachers back home.

Teachers seeking transfers on this basis must provide a marriage certificate or an affidavit as proof of marriage.

5. Length of Stay Since First Appointment

Currently, TSC can approve transfers for teachers who have served in a station for less than three years in normal areas.

Previously, teachers were required to serve for five years in both North Eastern and other areas before requesting a transfer.

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In conclusion, the TSC considers the following five factors for approving immediate transfer requests:

  • Age of the teacher
  • Health status
  • Disabilities
  • Family considerations
  • Length of stay since first appointment

5 Key Criteria for TSC’s Quick Teacher Transfer Approvals

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