Diploma SNE Teachers: TSC Salary and Allowances per Month

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) outlines various salary points and grades determining the monthly earnings and allowances for diploma special needs (SNE) teachers.

According to TSC, at salary point 1, these teachers receive a basic salary of sh. 36,621, along with allowances equivalent to those of grade C2 teachers.

As the salary points increase, both the basic pay and allowances also increase accordingly. For instance, teachers at salary point 5 earn a basic salary of sh. 43,786, which is sh. 7,165 more than those at salary point 1.

At higher points such as point 6, the basic salary rises to sh. 45,776, still maintaining eligibility for grade C2 allowances. This structure forms the basis of TSC’s compensation framework for diploma SNE teachers.

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TSC Basic Salary per Month for Diploma SNE Teachers

Salary PointsBasic Salary per Month (Ksh)TSC Allowance Grade
Diploma SNE Teachers: TSC Salary per Month

In addition to basic salary, these teachers receive various allowances. This includes a monthly hardship allowance of sh. 10,900, a commuter allowance of sh. 5,000 per month, and an annual leave allowance amounting to Ksh. 6,000.

Furthermore, they are entitled to a house allowance, which varies based on their work location.

For instance, teachers working in Nairobi City areas (Cluster 1) receive a monthly house allowance of sh. 16,500, whereas those in Cluster 2 areas (including parts of Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret, Thika, Kisii, Malindi, and Kitale) receive sh. 12,800 per month.

Teachers in other areas not specified fall under Cluster 4, where the house allowance is sh. 8,133 monthly.

TSC Diploma SNE Teacher Allowances

Allowance TypeAmount (Ksh)
Hardship Allowance10,900
Commuter Allowance5,000
Annual Leave Allowance6,000
House Allowance (Cluster 1)16,500
House Allowance (Cluster 2)12,800
House Allowance (Cluster 4)8,133
Diploma SNE Teachers: TSC Salary and Allowances per Month

The role of SNE teachers is crucial as they play a significant role in educating learners with diverse abilities, helping them to achieve productivity in society.

This underscores their importance within the teaching profession, supported by TSC’s structured salary and allowance system designed to fairly compensate them for their specialized work.

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