Education Ministry Denies Claims of Subject-Based Teacher Redeployment

The Ministry of Education denied claims on Tuesday that it planned to redeploy all teachers using a new system. 

The widely disseminated post, which has since been highlighted by the Ministry, stated that the reassignment would be based on the subject combination.

The Ministry initially announced a new classification of schools: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) centers, Humanities and Arts Schools, and Creative Arts and Sports Schools

However, the highlighted article proposed the classification of national schools as STEM centers, and extra-county schools as creative arts and sports centers.

The fake post also claimed that county schools would fall under the humanities and arts category.

“The information contained therein is false. Ignore the unwanted insinuations,” the Ministry of Education stated. 

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The Ministry clarified the reports when worried Kenyans questioned the reliability of the material, causing a stir on social media. 

To make the false information more believable to readers, it used the logo of a popular media outlet, which piqued the interest of social media users. 

Belio Kipsang, Education Principal Secretary, declared on April 25 of this year that the government would shortly abolish national school categorization. 

Kipsang, who spoke at the inaugural annual symposium on competency-based assessment, indicated that the ministry would eliminate the classification of schools as national, extra-county, county, or sub-county. 

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According to the PS, senior schools would be defined based on the combination of topics given by the institution, with categorization based mostly on an institution’s infrastructural competence. 

Because national schools have greater facilities, they would offer STEM disciplines, whereas the sub-county was planning to offer a variety of subjects. 

Education Ministry Denies Claims of Subject-Based Teacher Redeployment

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