KNUT Asks JSS Intern Teachers to Prioritize Dialogue With TSC

Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers nationwide have been advised to opt for dialogue when addressing their concerns.

The second national vice chairman of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Aggrey Namisi, emphasized that resorting to chaos would jeopardize these teachers’ chances of gaining government positions.

Namisi stressed the importance of regularly engaging the TSC to address the issues affecting their members. He urged patience among JSS teachers as their grievances are addressed.

Namisi highlighted the need for the group to reposition itself, considering that the term “JSS” will be replaced with “comprehensive and senior schools” in the future.

He revealed plans to restructure the KNUT framework to include JSS tutors from the bottom to the top.

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Additionally, Namisi called on the Teachers Service Commission to address teachers’ grievances nationwide, emphasizing that issues such as teacher remuneration should be subject to negotiation as a fundamental right.

Recognizing the significant role teachers play in mentoring children, Namisi underscored the importance of respecting their contributions.

Earlier, he announced KNUT’s commitment to participating in ongoing tree planting exercises, acknowledging the threat of climate change to human existence.

Namisi led KNUT members to plant hundreds of tree seedlings at Nyamasaria Primary School in Kisumu.

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Present at the event were Alex Dunga and Olando Kwach (NEC) members, as well as executive committee members including George Ajwang from Bondo, David Obuon from Kisumu City, Elly Otieno (chairman), David Onege (vice-chairman), Victor Ndolo (treasurer), and Grace Ousmba (women’s representative).

KNUT Asks JSS Intern Teachers to Prioritize Dialogue With TSC


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