Lists of Counties Where 71 Schools Are Yet to Reopen — Gov’t Report

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura stated that despite the directive, several schools in various counties had failed to resume lessons.

During a press conference on Monday, Mwaura stated that the delay in reopening was primarily due to severe weather conditions.

In Nyeri County, 12 primary and 16 secondary schools remain closed due to flooded classrooms and washrooms, as well as the obstacles posed by mudslides on the county’s terrain.

Similarly, the overflow from Lake Victoria in Kisumu County has forced the closure of at least five schools, submerged in water.

Due to washed-away bridges that render them inaccessible, only two schools in West Pokot County remain closed. Meanwhile, in Nakuru County, one school continues to house flood victims, postponing its reopening.

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Mwaura also listed particular incidents that have delayed school reopening, such as a sunken toilet in a secondary school in Kirinyaga County, which has pushed its resumption to later in the week. In addition, ten schools in Kilifi County have closed.

44 primary schools and 27 secondary schools nationwide are yet to reopen. The government is collaborating with national and county multi-agency teams to rebuild infrastructure and provide a safe environment for students.

Mwaura emphasized the importance of parents ensuring their children’s safety throughout their commute, particularly during peak flooding seasons, and asked school administrators to stay up to date on weather conditions in order to prevent students from attending school during dangerous conditions.

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Mwaura underlined the floods’ major impact, anticipating a Ksh80 billion loss for the government, with road infrastructure being the most severely impacted.

The delay in school reopening highlights the persistent problems caused by inclement weather, necessitating coordinated actions to reduce their effects and protect the safety of children and staff.

Lists of Counties Where 71 Schools Are Yet to Reopen — Gov’t Report

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