Ministry of Education Begins Deployment of New QASOs Nationwide

The Ministry of Education has begun deploying newly hired Quality Assurance and Standards Officers (QASOs) to various locations to address the chronic officer shortage. 

A senior officer at the Ministry’s Jogoo House acknowledged that the deployment began in May and that the officers should report to their respective working stations immediately.

Just a few days ago, the Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the list of officers slated for promotion, leading to the deployment of 300 QASOs to the next job groups.

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The Ministry has been working to encourage QASOs to enhance service delivery since the beginning of this year, and the most recent development is the first time QASOs have received funding allocations to carry out their programs.

Officers at the sub-county level will now have access to funding from either county directors or sub-county directors, depending on who they report to, with sub-county officers receiving between KSh260,000 and KSh400,000. 

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Their colleagues at the county level will receive between KSh650,000 and KSh1.2 million, while those at the regional level will receive between KSh1 million and KSh1.5 million to carry out their operations. 

Ministry of Education Begins Deployment of New QASOs Nationwide

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