Nairobi’s Top Best Kindergarten Schools

Choosing the right kindergarten for your child is crucial as it sets the foundation for their academic journey. Nairobi boasts a variety of kindergartens, with some standing out. Here’s a rundown of the best kindergartens in Nairobi:

Stepping Stones Kindergarten Stepping Stones Kindergarten offers a unique learning experience for children aged 9 months to 6 years, following the British National Curriculum closely.

When picking the best kindergarten for your child, consider the following factors: 

Consider the following aspects when determining the best school for your child:

Academic programs available.

Be aware of schools that overemphasize academics and testing. Kindergarten should be enjoyable, interactive, and playful. You should see plenty of art tools and hands-on science projects. 


Cost is an important consideration here, whether public or private. We propose that you initially visit the public schools in your area and, if they fall short of expectations, seek a private kindergarten. 

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School Culture

Parents should evaluate what they want the school to teach their children about life outside of academics. Consider social values, religion, and so on. 

The interaction between children and teachers

What is the student-teacher connection like? It should not be punitive but rather structured and enjoyable. Ask other parents or chat with the students at school. Even very young children can provide an objective analysis. 

Co-curricular activities

Students must engage in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom to stimulate them and keep learning interesting. What kinds of sports and games are available? Kids need to play! 

Tour and see for yourself.

Are the classrooms large enough, and do they appear light and cheerful? Is there a library? Is the bathroom clean? Do the teachers appear joyful and enthusiastic? Is there an outdoor place for the children? 


Please do not make it a punishing daily routine. Select the shortest possible commute for your child. 

Nairobi’s Top Best Kindergarten Schools

1. All Saints Cathedral Kindergarten

Engaging young learners with fun games and activities, All Saints Cathedral Kindergarten focuses on developing skills like hand-eye coordination and color recognition.

2. Kiota School Kindergarten

Kiota School Kindergarten provides an integrated curriculum, preparing children for a dynamic world ahead.

3. Imani Montessori Kindergarten

Imani Montessori Kindergarten employs the Montessori approach, allowing children to learn at their own pace while exploring their interests.

4. Playstreet School Kindergarten

Playstreet School Kindergarten offers holistic education in a happy, secure, and stimulating environment, fostering confidence among all school members.

5. St Bakhita School Kindergarten

St Bakhita School follows the Competency-Based Curriculum, focusing on nurturing core values.

6. Potterhouse School

Potterhouse School ensures a safe and secure environment for children aged 2-5 years.

7. Lavington Kindergarten

Fostering all-around development through child-centered activities, Lavington Kindergarten prioritizes fun.

8. Appleton Schools

Appleton Schools provide daycare, pre-primary, and primary school programs in a caring, nurturing, and safe environment.

9. St. Hannah’s School

St. Hannah’s School boasts a strong early learning center comprising playgroup, reception class, pre-primary 1, and pre-primary 2.

10. St. Christopher’s School Nairobi

Using the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, St. Christopher’s School Nairobi caters to children aged 3-5 years old.

11. Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten

Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten’s educational program aligns with the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 of the British National Curriculum.

12. Smart Start Kinder Academy

Located on Ngecha Road, Smart Start Kinder Academy provides an educational early learning environment that nurtures children’s growth.

13. St. John Eudes Waridi School

Founded in 1965, St. John Eudes Waridi School offers a solid educational foundation for young learners.

14. Dukesbridge Kenya

Situated on Gigiri Road, Dukesbridge Kenya is the first school campus of the Dukesbridge Group in Kenya, located in Kitisuru.

15. Trinity International Kindergarten

A Christian Multicultural Kindergarten on P. O. Box 25701, Trinity International Kindergarten offers a Montessori curriculum.

Nairobi's Top Best Kindergarten Schools: Considerations
Nairobi’s Top Best Kindergarten Schools: Considerations
16. Lavington Montessori Kindergarten

Located on Apple Cross Rd, off Mbabane Rd, Lavington Montessori Kindergarten provides high-standard preschool education enriched with a Montessori curriculum.

17. Angels International

Situated on Gatundu Close in Kileleshwa, Angels International fosters a nurturing environment based on Christian principles.

18. Zeki Playhouse

Found on Limuru Road, Zeki Playhouse offers a nurturing environment for children’s development.

19. Little Ray of Hope

A pre-school on Macharia Road, Little Ray of Hope provides food, safety, education, and healthcare for children.

20. Little Steps Kids Centre

Located on Kiwanja, on Ruiru Kahawa West bypass, Little Steps Kids Centre is a high-end preschool and lower primary school.

21. Brighton Academy

Brighton Academy, located in Nairobi, provides daily devotions and ongoing admissions for children.

22. Little Jewels Montessori Center & Crèche

Situated on Maji Mazuri Road in Lavington, Little Jewels Montessori Center & Crèche offers a fun and nurturing environment for learning.

23. Kiddy villa Daycare and Kindergarten

A nursery catering to children from age 0 to 7 years, Kiddy villa Daycare and Kindergarten offers various activities including horse riding and Tae Kwon Do.

24. Kiddy Smiles Montessori Center

Located on South C Kagondo Road in Akiba Estate, Kiddy Smiles Montessori Center instills values through its curriculum.

25. Lovely Kindergarten

Although permanently closed, Lovely Kindergarten was a nurturing environment for young children in Rosewell estate.

26. Royal Brains School – Ruaka Campus

Located in Ruaka, Royal Brains School is a unique institution where the future begins.

27. Fun and Learning with Mwalimu

Situated on Ngong Road, Fun and Learning with Mwalimu encourages exploration and discovery through play.

28. Shema School

Shema School, located in 87 junction Uthiru, provides Christ-centered education preparing students for excellence.

29. Nairobi Waldorf School Trust

Discover a holistic education at Nairobi Waldorf School Trust on Miotoni Rd, Nairobi.

30. Springwood Kindergarten Center

Hidden in Ngong Racecourse, Springwood Kindergarten Center provides a serene environment for children.

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31. Fairvale Junior School

Fairvale Junior School in Donholm offers a holistic approach to education for every child.

32. Talent Academy School

Situated in City Square, Talent Academy School provides a nurturing environment for young learners to excel.

Nairobi’s Top Best Kindergarten Schools

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