TSC Chief Principal’s Basic Salary and Allowances ( Job Grade D5, T-Scale 15)

Chief Principals in Kenya, rated D5 on the T-Scale 15, are at the top of educational institutions. The 2021–2025 CBA, agreed upon last year, makes significant modifications to the wage structure for these educational leaders.

In this post, we take a detailed look at the basic compensation structure for Chief Principals, including compensation conversion tables and what this means for these educational leaders.

Grade D5 Chief Principals’ Basic Salary

Here’s a breakdown of the conversion of Chief Principals’ Basic Salary.

Conversion of Chief Principals’ Basic Salaries

Let’s take a closer look at the conversion of Chief Principals’ Basic Salary, which bridges the gap between the pre-July 2023 structure and the new system.

The basic salary structure for Chief Principals under Grade D5 begins at 131,380 Kenyan Shillings.

Salary PointSalary Allowance GradeBasic Salary
TSC Chief Principal’s Basic Salary and Allowances ( Job Grade D5, T-Scale 15)

Teachers’ salaries rise gradually as they advance in their positions, with each step representing a greater level of responsibility and expertise.

Hardship Allowance

Hardship Allowance is an important part of teacher remuneration, especially for those who work in places with harsh conditions such as extreme weather, restricted access to services, or safety issues.

Grade D5 teachers, who frequently have extensive duties, are paid a hardship payment of 38,100 KES to reflect the additional obstacles they encounter in their roles.


Commuter Allowance

The Commuter Allowance is intended to alleviate the financial strain of everyday travel to and from work for teachers.

It acknowledges the costs of commuting, including gas, public transit taxes, and wear and tear on personal automobiles.

The commuter allowance for Grade D5 teachers is 16,000 Kenyan Shillings.

This stipend celebrates the dedication of teachers who may have to travel long distances to reach their educational institutions.

Annual Leave Allowance

Teachers work intensely throughout the academic year, and the annual Leave Allowance ensures that they are compensated for their efforts. This provision acknowledges the need for rest and recuperation for educators.

Teachers in Grade D5 are entitled to a 10,000 Kenyan Shilling annual leave allowance. It encourages teachers to take well-deserved breaks to recover before returning to their students with fresh energy and passion.

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Disability Guide Allowance

Teachers who specialize in Special needs education (SNE) play an important role in meeting the different requirements of children with disabilities. The Disability Guide Allowance demonstrates the relevance of their work.

Grade D5 teachers that participate in SNE receive a monthly payment of 20,000 Kenyan Shillings. This allowance is critical for attracting and keeping instructors with the knowledge and compassion required to provide inclusive education for all pupils.

TSC Chief Principal’s Basic Salary and Allowances ( Job Grade D5, T-Scale 15)

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