TSC Employment Application Form

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to complete this form properly. 

1. Vacancy Details: 

Provide the position or post for which you are applying, as well as the corresponding vacancy number, department, and division.

2. Personal Information: 

Provide your name, date of birth, gender, nationality, identity information, address, contact information, and alternate contact information.

3. Public Service Applicants 

For individuals currently employed in the public sector, give your ministry or department your current substantive position, job group, effective date, and any upgrading information.

4. Private, NGO, and Other Sector Applicants: 

If you work in private, non-profit, or other sectors, include your present employer, job, effective date, and monthly compensation.

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5. Other Details: 

Indicate language proficiency and disclose any physical disabilities, criminal convictions, past dismissals, or TSC interviews.

6. Academic and Professional Qualifications: 

Start with your top academic qualifications and include information such as the institution attended, awards/attainments, courses, subjects, and grades achieved.

Provide information on extra courses, training, registrations, and affiliations in professional organizations and institutions.

8. Employment Details: 

Detail your employment history, beginning with the most recent, including company name, position/rank/designation, job group, gross monthly compensation, and duration.

9. Duty and Responsibilities: 

Briefly describe your current or most recent job duties, responsibilities, and assignments.

10. Ability, skill, and experience:

Outline your abilities, skills, and relevant experiences connected to the position you’re applying for. Highlight recent accomplishments and motivations for applying.

11. Personal references: 

Provide information for two personal references, including their full name, address, contact information, occupation, and the time they have known you.

12. Head of Department/Supervisor’s Recommendation 

Applicants for public service should receive a recommendation from their department head or supervisor. 


Attest that the provided information is accurate to the best of your knowledge by signing and dating the form.

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