TSC Set to Confirm JSS Intern Teachers in June 2024

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) plans to confirm JSS intern teachers in June 2024.

As soon as parliament allocates funds for confirmation, Julius Melly, the chair of the education committee, will grant permanent contracts to these interns.

Melly emphasized that this decision will benefit the current contract intern teachers.

The administration has set aside funds for the permanent contracts, set to take effect upon the reading of the budget in June.

Melly urged the intern teachers to cease their weekly protests and return to their classrooms while they waited for their demands to be fulfilled.

Parliament has earmarked billions of shillings to convert 26,000 internship roles into permanent jobs with pensions.

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Melly reassured educators about the resolution of their concerns and asked for their patience throughout the process.

During an interdenominational ceremony at ACK St. Marks Prep School, Melly explained why the Treasury could not convert every JSS intern due to challenging economic conditions.

However, he stated that once sufficient financing becomes available, the remaining intern instructors will receive confirmation.

Moreover, Melly announced plans to hire an additional 20,000 JSS intern instructors on one-year contracts starting in July, contingent upon the confirmation of permanent posts and pensions for the initial 26,000 teachers.

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This initiative aims to mitigate the severe teacher shortage currently affecting junior high schools nationwide.

Furthermore, the government is addressing the current teacher shortage of 116,000 by planning to hire 2,000 TVET trainers in the upcoming fiscal year.

TSC Set to Confirm JSS Intern Teachers in June 2024


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