Kilifi JSS Teachers to Strike at Retooling Centers, Reject TSC-KUPPET Agreement

More than 1200 junior secondary school teachers in Kilifi County have refused to end their strike, asserting that their representatives were compromised.

Speaking in Malindi, they insisted that they would only consider ending the strike once the national government fulfills all their demands, particularly the employment of 46,000 teachers, rather than focusing on internship issues.

Azani Ngumbao, the Secretary General of the Kilifi County Union of Junior School Teachers, expressed dismay over the junior secondary school leadership’s announcement to end the strike through media channels.

He clarified that their strike was not initiated by KUPPET and emphasized that KUPPET lacked the authority to instruct them to resume work, as their employer is the Teacher’s Service Commission.

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Ngumbao highlighted discrepancies between the national government’s commitment to employ 46,000 teachers and KUPPET’s advocacy for only 26,000, which they find unacceptable.

He stressed their demand for the full employment and compensation of 46,000 teachers, dismissing the legality of the internship program.

According to Ngumbao, the agreement purportedly signed in their absence lacked official endorsement and thus deemed it invalid.

He affirmed their stance on not returning to work or undergoing retooling until their demands are met.

“The Strike is still there for the following reasons, we did not go on strike because of KUPPET, KUPPET did not call for strike and had no powers to tell junior secondary school teachers to end the strike,” he said.

He directed all junior secondary school teachers to refrain from reporting to work and announced plans to stage their strike at retooling centers starting Monday.

Mwanahamisi Gawawa, another official, reiterated their rejection of interim leaders and reaffirmed their support for recognized spokesperson Omar Omar and secretary general Daniel Mureithi.

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Gawawa emphasized their insistence on the employment of 46,000 teachers, dismissing any mention of 26,000 as irrelevant to their demands.

She reiterated their stance against the internship program, advocating for the employment of all 46,000 teachers to facilitate their return to schools.

Kilifi JSS Teachers to Strike at Retooling Centers, Reject TSC-KUPPET Agreement

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