KNUT Meets Bomet County Assembly Over 7-Month Nonpayment of ECDE Teachers

On Tuesday, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General, Bomet Chapter, Desmond Langat, and other Union officials met with the Speaker of the County Assembly, Cosmas Korir, and members of the Education Committee to discuss issues affecting early childhood development education (ECDE) teachers in the county. 

One of the complaints addressed by the teacher’s union was nonpayment of salaries; some teachers went without pay for more than seven months. 

Langat stated that the deliberations at the meeting were constructive, and that County Assembly members have vowed to address the issues that have sparked disturbances, such as strikes and demonstrations. 

He reported that they had a serious engagement with the County Assembly and expressed anticipation of extending the same to the County Executive to ensure the resolution of the problems faced by the ECDE teachers once and for all. 

Lang’at lamented that they were supposed to follow the guidelines given out by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, but in Bomet, they were doing their own thing. 

This comes at a time when teachers have long held peaceful demonstrations to demand that the county administration address their concerns.

Bomet County currently employs 1,343 teachers across 1,233 centers, and that it is collaborating with the County Public Service Board on additional recruitment efforts.


The County Public Service Board plans to hire an extra 150 early childhood and development education teachers.

According to Dr. John Keter, Chief Officer of Education, the teachers will be trained on the competency-based curriculum at the Kenya Literature Bureau to ensure that students receive a high-quality education.

“We have also received learning materials and they are currently available for distribution to our ECDE centres,” he went on to say.

“We have also procured chairs for centres that are in need of such important infrastructure,” he went on to say.

Dr. Keter stated that the Ward Education Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the construction of ECDE centers, as well as ensuring the efficient distribution of free milk chairs and learning materials.

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Bomet’s Progress And Efficiency In Service Delivery

Bomet County announced the disbursement of major amounts of money to scholarship programs, with Sh65 million provided to approximately 14,250 partial scholarship beneficiaries and Sh77 million disbursed to 1,250 full scholarship holders in the current fiscal year. 

Additionally, Sh25 million has been allocated to support both full and partial scholarship students in vocational training centers (VTCs). 

KNUT Meets Bomet County Assembly Over 7-Month Nonpayment of ECDE Teachers

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