Dr. William Sugut, Director of Education Reforms and Junior Secondary School (JSS) Programmes at the Ministry of Education, has requested that parents assist their school-aged children and collaborate with other education stakeholders in order for the students to achieve high academic achievement.

While presiding over a prize-giving ceremony for the Class of 2022 Form Four candidates of Nyaikuro Secondary School in Nyamira County, Sugut lamented the failure of many parents to fulfill their responsibility to ensure their children’s uninterrupted learning.

According to him, the failure of some parents to pay school fees on time has crippled the operations of numerous educational institutions, forcing school administrators to continually send defaulters home so that the institution remains operational.

According to the Director, the outstanding results being celebrated today were achieved thanks to the unwavering support of key stakeholders, namely the parents of the school.

The Director highlighted that the parents played a crucial role in supporting their children’s education by ensuring timely payment of school fees and providing all necessary academic-related and personal requirements throughout the four-year course.

This robust support system contributed to a seamless learning experience for the students and paved the way for their remarkable achievements.

He advised parents to accept the unfortunate reality that the school fee waiver due to the effects of COVID-19 in 2020 has been revoked, despite the current difficult economic climate, and that they must therefore plan early on how they will pay school fees for their children in order for them to remain in school and ultimately achieve good grades.

According to the director, parents have the crucial responsibility of not only ensuring timely payment of school fees but also instilling the right values in their children. These values are essential for developing acceptable character and behavior in the young ones.

The director emphasized the need for parents to regulate their children’s use of social media during the holiday period and closely monitor the online sites they access. This monitoring is essential to safeguard them from being enticed into criminal activities or engaging in other social vices.

Additionally, it serves as a protective measure against potential online abuse that they may encounter.

Sugut congratulated both the administrators and teachers of Nyaikuro Secondary School for their tireless efforts to ensure that their pupils achieved outstanding results, resulting in a 100 percent university acceptance rate.

As of this month, all 197 candidates who took the 2022 KCSE Exam at Nyaikuro Secondary qualified for direct university admission, with an average score of 8.675.

In addition to their efforts to reach the new mean target of 9.0, he challenged the school to develop even more.

Mr. Job Rasugu, the school’s chief principal, stated that despite some logistical challenges, the school has set strategies in place to continue to excel.

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