Red-Eye Outbreak Forces School Closures in Busia County

Several schools in Busia County have dismissed students due to an outbreak of red-eye disease affecting both pupils and students.

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Secretary General Moffat Okisai confirmed on Thursday that affected students had been quarantined.

He urged the government to distribute red-eye treatments to school dispensaries to ensure prompt medical attention.

Okisai listed several affected schools, including Amagoro Girls High School, Malaba Primary School, and Mundika Boys High School.

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He emphasized the importance of preventive measures and reassured that affected students would resume classes after a brief quarantine period.

Symptoms of red eye include:

  • Red or pink-colored eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchiness
  • Discharge of pus or mucus
  • Crusting of eyelids or lashes

The red-eye, medically known as conjunctivitis, initially surfaced in Mombasa County towards the end of 2023, causing eyes to appear red or pink.

Experts attribute the condition to inflammation of the eyeball’s transparent membrane, which can result from viral, bacterial, or allergic reactions.

Symptoms include swelling of the conjunctiva, increased tear production, itchiness, pus or mucus discharge, and crusting of eyelids or lashes.

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Medical professionals in Busia advised parents to seek professional help for affected students, noting that home remedies are ineffective against the disease.

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura warned in February that the disease spreads through personal contact or touching contaminated surfaces and subsequently one’s eyes.

He emphasized preventive measures such as avoiding face-touching, frequent handwashing, surface disinfection, and refraining from sharing personal items like towels.

Red-Eye Outbreak Forces School Closures in Busia County

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