Concerns as Ministry Announces Partial School Reopening

The government has announced a set of safety measures ahead of the reopening of schools on Monday, following a two-week delay caused by floods in various parts of Kenya.

The adverse effects of the heavy rains, which claimed 257 lives, have raised concerns about the fate of thousands of learners in nearly 2,000 schools that may not reopen.

The Interior Ministry stated that schools severely affected by heavy rains and flooding will remain closed until repairs ensure they are safe for students.

“Schools that have been adversely affected by the heavy rains and flooding that displaced thousands across various parts of the country will have their opening delayed as the national and county multi-agency teams ensure that repairs are done to create a safe environment for students to resume learning,” the ministry said.

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The ministry did not specify the names nor the exact locations of these schools or their expected reopening dates.

Repair works are underway to ensure a safe environment for students in these affected schools. However, the Ministry of Education has not yet outlined guidelines for accommodating these students.

There is uncertainty over the recovery of lost time, financial constraints, and the potential crisis faced by these schools.

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The Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) have not provided any details on casualties among students or teachers due to the heavy rains.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) secretary general, Collins Oyuu, warned that students in areas where schools remain closed would be disadvantaged, especially candidates taking their KCSE examinations.

Concerns as Ministry Announces Partial School Reopening

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