Fake Geometrical Sets Worth Ksh.500K Confiscated In Kisumu County.

Today, the Anti-Counterfeit Authority conducted raids in numerous businesses located in the city of Kisumu, and they confiscated counterfeit geometrical sets that were valued at more than Kshs 500,000.

It has been reported by the authority that the market is saturated with counterfeit versions of the set, which leads to clients who are unaware of the situation purchasing non-standard goods.

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According to Tom Nyagare, CEO and Founder of Thinkly, which participated in the raids, counterfeit goods are prevalent in major towns such as Nakuru, Nairobi, and Mombasa.

According to Nyagare, they are sending a warning to suppliers, particularly booksellers, to guarantee that they only offer exclusive copies of the original work.

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Nyagare asserts that the sale of such products is illegal, and those found guilty run the risk of facing jail time or fines.

He announced in a Kisumu statement that the operation will coincide with the annual celebration of World Intellectual Property Day on April 26.

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Fake Geometrical Sets Worth Ksh.500K Confiscated In Kisumu County

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