Headteacher Found Dead and Tied Up in Blankets Inside His House

On Wednesday, April 3, police in Bumula, Bungoma County, launched an investigation after discovering Fred Lunani, the headteacher of Lunao Primary School, dead and bound in blankets inside his home.

The victim’s family has expressed astonishment and alarm about the circumstances surrounding his death, implying a possible link to a suspected love triangle that resulted in the arrest of a lady found at the scene.

Inside their home, the deceased’s wife reported discovering her husband’s lifeless body, chained at the hands and knees and wrapped in blankets. She lamented her husband’s death, expressing shock at discovering him tied up, and remarked on his career as a headmaster.

On Friday, March 24, 2023, Hazina citizens demanded clarification at a local station, requesting answers about the occurrence. Ephrahim Mukamani, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General in Mumias East, denounced the act and urged authorities to speed up their investigations into the headteacher’s murder.

Maurice Makhamu, a former Bumula Member of Parliament (MP), described the deceased as a peaceful person committed to local development projects.

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Another case of domestic homicide happened on Wednesday, when a lady fatally attacked her husband, Vincent Kiprotich, with a machete. Kiprotich, a member of the Special Operations Group (SOG) in Wargadud, Mandera County, was on leave at the time to spend time with his family.

His brother discovered his lifeless body, with extensive stab wounds, inside their home. Despite seeking medical assistance at a local hospital in Eldama Ravine, Kiprotich died from massive blood loss.

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The wife, the principal suspect, was apprehended at a hideout located kilometers away from the crime scene, pending further investigation.

Headteacher Found Dead and Tied Up in Blankets Inside His House

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