KUPPET Condemns Parliament for Neglecting Kenyan workers

Teachers have accused the National Assembly of ignoring Kenyan workers despite the tremendous issues they face. The teachers chastised members of parliament for purposefully avoiding conversations about government employees.

Akello Misori, Secretary General of the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), described the Kenyan parliament as ineffective and incapable of resolving workers’ problems.

Misori highlighted the absence of some MPs during critical debates, claiming that it slowed progress. He referred to the ongoing doctors’ strike, which has lasted three weeks over a variety of issues, including promotions and the hiring of intern doctors, among others.

Misori underlined that teachers also face substantial challenges, some of which have previously been brought to parliament.

However, KUPPET leadership noted a lack of serious participation by MPs on these concerns. Misori emphasized the parliament’s request for a survey to validate teachers’ statements, suggesting that the parliament’s research department should conduct such assessments.

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Misori emphasized that although Kenyan law allows workers to engage in trade union activities, unions are not required to conduct research for parliamentary purposes.

Despite this, KUPPET undertook research on teacher-related challenges, including delayed promotions, and reported its results to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Misori affirmed KUPPET’s commitment to its members, assuring teachers that the union would continue to address their problems while not shifting blame to other organizations.

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He responded to comments made by National Assembly Ministry head Opiyo Wandayi, who accused workers’ unions of ignoring their members’ concerns.

Wandayi stated in Migori on Friday that workers’ grievances persist because unions have failed to properly address their interests. In reaction, Misori claimed that MPs have not prioritized topics that benefit teachers.

KUPPET Condemns Parliament for Neglecting Kenyan workers

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