PS Kipsang Addresses Junior Secondary (JSS) Teacher Strikes

Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang assured that despite intern teachers at Junior Secondary Schools going on strike, learning continues.

Belio mentioned that the disruption caused by the intern teachers’ protests has been mitigated through alternative teaching arrangements.

He emphasized the ministry’s commitment to minimizing any disruptions to learning, stating that their concern is anything that disrupts learning, but they have backup systems in place and children are learning.

Belio noted that besides intern teachers, other trained educators are actively teaching alongside the protests.

“We have backup systems and our children are learning. I can assure you one thing, intern teachers are not the only ones who tutor these learners,” Belio said. 

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Addressing the interns’ demands, Belio indicated that the ministry has allocated funds to transition them to permanent and pensionable terms.

During the launch of the 2024 schools census at Moi Girls Nairobi on Thursday, Belio acknowledged the interns’ crucial role in Junior Secondary School education.

He added that if the intern teachers check the ministry’s budget for the next financial year, they will see provisions made for their confirmation.

Nairobi JSS interns, led by Chairperson Owino Okelo, protested on May 13, marching from Nairobi bus terminus to TSC headquarters.

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Okelo asserted that constant strikes by JSS teachers in Nairobi and nationwide will continue until they are confirmed into permanent and pensionable terms.

The intern teachers are presently on annual contracts, prompting their calls for better employment terms.

PS Kipsang Addresses Junior Secondary (JSS) Teacher Strikes

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