TSC Achievements: Milestones for Quality Education Delivery

Over the last three years, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has implemented significant changes targeted at improving curriculum delivery, teaching quality, and human resource development. 

These successes have given fuel to the commission’s ambitious strategy to professionalize the teaching profession, improve service delivery efficiency, and provide access to education for all students. 

Teachers Recruitment and Intern Confirmation

The Commission has recruited 56,000 teachers since 2021, including 10,000 on permanent and pensionable terms, as well as 46,000 interns, deploying them across primary, junior secondary, and secondary schools. 

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Interns Confirmation

Despite ongoing staffing challenges, the Commission has devised strategic strategies to reduce the burden, including transferring interns to permanent and pensionable terms by early next year. 

In addition, the Commission intends to hire an additional 20,000 teachers for junior secondary schools in the fiscal year 2024-2025 to address a nationwide deficit of approximately 100,000 teachers. 

This improvement reflects concentrated attempts to address specific obstacles that have hampered the delivery of quality education as teaching gains traction. 

On February 23, 2024, during a media engagement in Nairobi, TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia expressed hope about overcoming reoccurring challenges such as teacher promotions. 

Teachers promotion

Dr. Macharia revealed that the Exchequer’s Sh1 billion grant has resulted in the promotion of 51,250 teachers in the last two years.

Teachers Registration

The Commission is also celebrating the registration of 206,435 teachers since 2021, bringing the total number of teachers registered with the TSC to about 370,000. 

Retooling of Teachers

Furthermore, the new curriculum is gaining traction, particularly after the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations for the final cohort were completed last year. 

The final cohort of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education will complete it in 2027, paving the way for the competency-based curriculum.

In light of this, the TSC implemented a multi-stakeholder approach to retool all teachers in various cadres from public and private schools to ensure compliance with the CBC. 

Teachers’ medical scheme

Other areas where the Commission has made headway include the creation of a teachers’ medical scheme that serves over one million people. 

“We transferred to a medical scheme, which replaced the medical allowance that was hardly enough,” the doctor added. Service automation was also one of the major improvements implemented over the last three years, with important services migrating online. 

Automated Teacher Digitized Services

The Commission has automated the teacher registration certificate and added security safeguards to prevent counterfeiting. 

Teachers can now apply for the document at any time that suits them. 

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Other digitized services include the T-Pay System, the Human Resource Information System, online entry-exit for teachers in place of manual reporting, and the Electronic Documents Management System. 

The newest round of reform has focused on the TSC Act, 2012, as the Commission tries to change the legal framework to enable it to streamline teaching service regulation, promote optimal teacher utilization, and raise teacher standards.

TSC Achievements: Milestones for Quality Education Delivery

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