TSC Teachers Next-of-Kin Form (Download): How Fill and Update

However, certain conditions must be met, including resolving any overpayments, removing your name from the payroll, and providing necessary documentation such as the original death certificate and a letter from the area chief confirming the rightful next of kin.

This article focuses on an important document: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) next of kin form. This form is critical for ensuring your beneficiaries receive your service benefits, pension, or ex-gratia payments.

The form allows you to declare up to five individuals as next of kin and list ten dependents, emphasizing the importance of accuracy in providing their details.

The process of updating your next of kin with the TSC is straightforward. It’s critical for every Kenyan government teacher, regardless of their employment status, to complete this form. By doing so, you ensure your family’s financial future in the event of your death.

TSC Next-of-Kin Form (Download)

Key Notes:

Legal Representation: The appointed next of kin assumes the role of the legal personal representative automatically. This underscores the importance of accurately designating individuals in this capacity.

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Relationship Definition: The form provides clarity on relationships accepted as next of kin, including husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, and so forth.

Timely Communication: Teachers are urged to promptly communicate any changes to their records to the Commission. This ensures that records remain up-to-date and accurate.

How to fill and Update TSC Teachers next of kin form

  1. Personal Details: Teachers are required to provide their full names, TSC numbers, and identification numbers or IDs. Additionally, they must indicate their first appointment dates as an untrained teacher (UT) and a trained teacher (P/P).
  2. Contact Information: Permanent address details, including the postal box, postal code, and town, are essential for correspondence purposes. Home district, division, and location details offer additional locational context.
  3. Declaration: A declaration section allows teachers to nominate their next of kin and dependents. The form provides space for listing names, ages, relationships, and contact details.
  4. Teacher’s Signature: A signature from the teacher, alongside the date of signing, confirms the accuracy of the information provided.
  5. Area Chief Details: To verify the authenticity of the provided information, the name and address of the area chief are required.
  6. Witness Testimony: A witness, such as the headteacher or deputy headteacher, who attests to the accuracy of the provided information, must sign the form. Their name, address, signature, and date of signing are required, along with an official stamp.

After completing the form, submit it to your school head for additional details before forwarding it to TSC headquarters via email or post. This ensures that your next-of-kin information is processed seamlessly.


The Next-of-Kin Form serves as a vital document in the management of teacher records within the educational system. By ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, it facilitates efficient communication and administrative processes. Teachers are encouraged to complete this form diligently, understanding its significance in ensuring the smooth functioning of educational institutions.

For further inquiries or assistance, individuals may reach out to the Teacher Service Commission via the provided contact details.

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It’s crucial to keep your next of kin information updated. Any changes should be promptly communicated to the TSC to ensure your beneficiaries receive the entitled benefits.

Contact Information:

Telephone: Nairobi 2892000

Mobile: 0722208552 / 0777208552

Email: [email protected]

TSC Teachers Next-of-Kin Form (Download): How Fill and Update

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