Schools Reopening to Begin on Friday, May 10 — PS Raymond Omollo Announces

The National Government has unveiled a new plan, effective Friday, May 10th, allowing boarding school students to commence their journeys back to school. 

Speaking to the media, Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo revealed that the decision aimed to alleviate traffic challenges due to the reopening of all schools on Monday.

He emphasized the need to manage the impact of the floods that ravaged the country in March, causing significant damage to roads.

Omollo reassured the public that the government had deployed officers to maintain orderliness and safety on the roads during the student movement period.

He emphasized the ongoing coordination between the Ministry of Education and National Government Administrative Officers to facilitate a smooth return to normalcy in school operations, acknowledging the challenges posed by road closures and the persistent rainfall forecasted until month-end.

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Furthermore, Omollo stressed the importance of monitoring the situation closely, with the state committed to guiding educators and parents throughout the school reopening process.

The Interior Ministry’s initiative coincides with Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu‘s acknowledgment of the severe impact of floods on some schools, raising doubts about their readiness to resume classes.

Machogu highlighted the potential hindrances posed by continued heavy rains, particularly in regions such as Tana River, Homa Bay, and Kisumu counties, identified as severely affected areas.

In his speech, Omollo emphasized the floods’ extensive damage, which affected 21 counties and about 2,000 schools and resulted in the tragic loss of 238 lives, the displacement of 47,000 households, and the adverse effects on over 200,000 people nationwide.

Amidst President William Ruto’s directive to reopen all schools on May 13, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has raised concerns about the feasibility of this plan due to anticipated heavy rains in certain regions of the country.

Specifically, Machogu identified Tana River, Homa Bay, and Kisumu counties as the most affected areas.

Despite these challenges, Machogu expressed confidence in the continuation of learning through alternative methods. He noted, however, that approximately 95% of schools nationwide are prepared for the resumption of classes for the second term.

The reopening of schools serves as a critical test for both the government and parents, particularly as many schools have suffered significant damage since the onset of the floods in March. Financial strain is also a concern for some parents, as they have depleted their savings during this period.

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In response to the situation, Machogu announced an impending adjustment to the second term calendar, with plans to shorten the August holiday to make up for lost time. 

Despite the challenges, there is a glimmer of hope, as President Ruto has allocated Ksh1 billion for school repairs in anticipation of the reopening.

Machogu emphasized accountability in spending by assuring government institutions that Parliament would approve all expenditures.

Schools Reopening to Begin on Friday, May 10 — PS Raymond Omollo Announces

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