TSC Set to Dispatch JSS Deployment Letters to The Third Group of Qualified P1 Teachers

TSC has announced that starting in May 2024 or the following month, the third group of qualified P1 teachers will begin receiving deployment letters to work in junior schools.

This follows the Teachers service Commission‘s plan to address the significant shortage of teachers in junior secondary schools.

According to TSC, there is a current shortage of over 99,045 teachers in these schools, despite the employment of 56,928 teachers.

In January 2024, TSC expressed concern about the severe teacher shortage in junior secondary schools.

Dr. Nancy Macharia, TSC’s Chief Executive Officer, acknowledged the disparity and highlighted the Commission’s initiative to offer 6,000 deployment opportunities for primary school teachers with a secondary education degree.

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The deadline for online applications was March 18, 2024, and successful applicants will start receiving posting letters early in the next term.

The Sub-County Directors will scrutinize the documentation of 6,000 teachers to guarantee the deployment of only certified educators with valid credentials.

Subsequently, Sub County Directors and Primary Headteachers will need to act promptly upon receiving deployment letters from released teachers in order to expedite salary payments.

TSC emphasized that the entry and exit procedures for deployed teachers will be conducted online, with county directors expected to release the Entry or Exit Reports Module to the sub-county.

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When stationed at the same location, the Head of Institution must submit the revised Entry Report for the Junior Secondary School (JSS) and remove the instructor from the primary school.

The Commission stated that teachers who meet the criteria for teaching in secondary schools and applied for deployment to JSS will receive deployment letters.

TSC Set to Dispatch JSS Deployment Letters to The Third Group of Qualified P1 Teachers

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