KNUT Raises Red Flag on ECDE Salary Review, Calls for Pause in Agreement Signing

The Kenya National Union of Teachers has called on Early Childhood and Development Education (ECDE) teachers to postpone signing a new salary agreement with the County Bomet Government.

Desmond Langat, the Executive Secretary of Bomet KNUT, led the union in questioning the credibility of the evaluated salaries, citing pay inequalities, following a meeting with the county’s ECDE teachers.

Langat stated that the region’s county government did not follow the Salaries and Remuneration Commission criteria, resulting in salary inequalities when compared with neighboring counties.

He accused junior education officials of undermining efforts by County Assembly Speaker Cosmas Korir and Governor Prof. Hillary Barchok to investigate the predicament of ECDE teachers.

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He stated that a recent round table discussion with the Speaker of the Bomet County Assembly demonstrated support and willingness to put an end to the ongoing conflict between the county government and the teachers.

The unionist expressed sadness over the loss of one of the ECDE teachers at Chesoen Ward, who had been unpaid for months and claimed she died as a result of depression-related issues.

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Langat advised the teachers not to sign the ambiguous compensation review, which had not been agreed upon until they were informed about it.

He advised the teachers to resist intimidation from county education officers, who had repeatedly threatened to dismiss them while they fought for their rights.

KNUT Raises Red Flag on ECDE Salary Review, Calls for Pause in Agreement Signing

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